The Kitten that Fell for the Ducklings

Curiosity didn’t kill this kitten, but it did cause him to get a bit overwhelmed. At first, he found the ducklings to be toys, and then found the ducklings to be more interested in him than he was in them.

I remember a time when my cat was this curious. Now she spends her days sleeping in the sun or hunting in the yard. She’s especially skilled at catching crickets, which she brings into the house. I think she is showing off, or she likes the music), because they are often still alive.

Perfect Paws, a cat behavior and cat training site, says that to have a well-socialized cat, we have to start with a well-socialized kitten. Unlike dogs, cats don’t care what people or other cats think of them, so they only do what they like or what they enjoy. Making sure the kitten finds human-time fun is the key to raising a kitten that is comfortable and happy around humans when it is a full grown cat.

Perfect Paws also recommends that the kitten has multiple opportunities to meet different people of different ages. The site further suggests that all experiences with other cats and dogs are helpful in teaching a kitten that the world is both safe and interesting.

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