The Name Game

Everybody remembers begging their parents for a puppy. You probably created lists or PowerPoints about how you would take care of it, and how you would schedule play time after homework, and how you would never forget to feed your new love.

But I remember one thing that was the most exciting:

Getting to name the puppy.

I created lists, just like you would a newborn baby, and practiced calling them out loud across the yard to see which had the best ring. I wanted to beam with pride every time I called my pup’s name because I had chosen it myself.

It’s been years since I named my dog (Serge, short for┬áSergeant), and I began to wonder

What are the most popular dog names? Books upon books are dedicated to baby names, but how are we picking names for our dogs? Of course, I didn’t have to look much deeper than the Huffington Post. All I have to say is

How dare we subject our dogs to Twilight.