Tips For Making Your Cat Happy When Moving


Making a move home can be quite the exciting prospect, especially when you consider that you finally get your dream house for yourself. Before you make a run for it, though, you have to remember that if you have a pet cat, there are various other considerations you need to make before officially packing your bags. It’s important to remember that pets are particularly sensitive to travel and changing environments, and as such it’s important to understand some tips to make your cat happy when moving home in order to make it comfortable and enjoyable for them. Understanding these can at least give you the kind of heads up you need in order to make your move a much more comfortable and enjoyable prospect.


Interestingly, if you feel as though you’re the only one with moving woes, you’re not exactly alone. In fact, the moving industry itself is very active, with a lot of people moving back and forth states and countries, even in the United States alone. For instance, in 2017, it’s estimated around 50-percent of people moving in 2016 will choose to move cross-country or inter-state, with 42.2-percent of people making the move said this is mostly about housing. 27.7-percent, 20.2-percent, and 10.2-percent said they moved because of family reasons, of a job, or of another reason, respectively. This means regardless of the reason for your move, you’ll most likely have a lot of others in the same position as you. So how do you make your pet comfortable throughout the entire process?


Have your cat see that you’re actually about to move: Change is something that a lot of people find hard to grasp, and this also happens to pets. When you feel as though your cat might react negatively to the change, try to at least actively show your cat that you’re moving. This includes showing it that you’re slowly packing your bags, and you’re making more trips to the car, or you’re taking your cat to more trips elsewhere. This at least gives it the idea that there really is going to be a new destination to look forward to.


Take your cat on more trips: Your actual move can actually be a rough ride for your cat, especially if you know it can take a few hours. In order to at least get your cat used to your car, try as much as possible to make sure you get your cat on a few trips in your car. This can be to and from work (if pets are allowed), to and from relatives’, to and from groceries, and other places where pets are allowed to go to. This at least gives your cat the opportunity to see the outdoors and start getting used to traveling around with you.

Prepare a comfortable riding experience: Perhaps one of the most important aspects of making your cat happy when moving home is to prepare a comfortable riding experience for it as much as possible. You can buy products from services such as Smiling Paws Pets, where a selection of unique portable beds can at least make your car become something to look forward to while traveling. This at least makes sure the literal travel journey will be something comfortable for your cat.

Have familiar stuff packed and move with you: If there is anything cats love about their homes, it’s that it’s where their favorite toys, goodies, and munchies are. If you know your cat has “specific” tastes – for instance, in terms of toys, food, and snacks – then try as much as possible to make sure they’re still in your new home. For toys, make sure you move their favorite toys with them. For food, make sure the local pet store has them – or at least, there’s a pet store nearby where they could get the food.


Get your cat used to your new home: If the new home you’re getting into is available for exploration or at least visits, try to go there with your cat so they can get a sense of their new environment. If you already own the place, or if you’re allowed to sleep there for a few nights, try doing so in order for your cat to start getting used to their new home. Another alternative is to find a home where you two could stay, and have the cat visit the home during the day.
Get your cat a friend to play with: Perhaps another way of making your cat comfortable in their new home is to politely look for neighbors with pet cats. This at least gives your cat the opportunity to socialize with other house pets and get to know other cats more. This also gives them the opportunity to have friends in their new neighborhood, so they won’t feel as though they’re extremely isolated.

Conclusion: Moving Day Is A Purry Day Indeed

When it comes to moving home it’s important to understand that there’ll be various other considerations that come into play whenever a pet is involved in the equation. The above tips would hopefully give you the kind of insight you need with regards to the way you should tackle your move, especially when you need to take a cat with you. Remember, the better you get to prepare for your move, the more likely it is to be comfortable for you and your pet. This is important, especially if you want your pet to be nice and cozy throughout the entire move process and if you want them to be comfortable with their new home.