How to Treat Bull Dog Acne at Home

bull dog acne


Any owner of a bullie knows that the dreaded bull dog acne comes hand in hand with the breed. This can present itself as tiny pimples on the chin, a widespread rash down their necks, and even large blisters all over their mouths.

Annoyed Bulldog With Another Bulldog Laughing

We often end up taking them to the vet where it’s determined that it’s just acne and not something serious and then sent home with medication. But you don’t have to result to that if it’s not necessary. There are ways to treat bull dog acne right from your home.


Wash Their Face

This may seem like a no-brainer, but washing your dog’s face isn’t something any owner often thinks of. And it’s not necessary with every breed. But with this breed, you get those wrinkly jowls that fill with bacteria and saliva; a breeding ground for bull dog acne.

So, at the end of the day, when your pup has eaten its last meal, get a warm soapy wash cloth and clean their face, lips, and jowls. Aim to use a non-scented soap and one that’s a disinfectant.

Set aside some cloths that are specifically used for cleaning your dog’s face and don’t mix them with ones you use for yourself.


Clean Their Dishes

We wash our plates and bowls after every meal. So why would we do the same for our dogs? Although it’s not necessary to wash their dishes as frequently as our own, it’s still a great idea to do it at least once a week.

As for water dishes, these really should be properly washed every other day as this is where most of their drool and food bits end up.

The saliva and food remnants stick to the bowl create bacteria that you then put new food and water into. This not only creates acne on the chin, but also intestinal issues.


Check Their Food

Sometimes, you can be as clean and cautious as you possibly can and your bull dog will still get painful pimples. This might be due to its food. Check to make sure you’re feeding your pet quality food that has been approved by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control) and contains ingredients that are actually food, not by-products.


Clean Sheets

Their bed or the area where they sleep should be kept clean and fresh at all times. Don’t let their beds and blankets get full of fur, dirt, and drool. This creates a poor environment that supports germs and other nasty things. Then they go and sleep in it!

When washing your dog’s bed or blankets, make sure to use scent free laundry detergents as the perfumes in others can cause them to break out, too.


In conclusion, bull dogs are awesome. We just love their cute wrinkles and floppy faces. But they are sensitive and require frequent maintenance in regards to their cleanliness.


And of course, if the pimples persist, take your dog to the vet to ensure it’s not something serious like an allergic reaction.

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