Vacationing? What to do with Fido.

Traveling soon? If it isn’t feasible for your furry friend to accompany you on your vacation, you may want to plan a stay-cation for them.  In-home dog sitting has become a superb option with many reliable pet sitting services sprouting up all over the country. Here are some ideas to consider.

Why Hire a Professional Sitter When I Can Just Ask a Neighborhood Friend?

  • When you hire a professional service, like Fetch!, they will provide backup if some unforeseen event makes it impossible for the caregiver to make the visit.  
  • Fetch! pet service will automatically provide reassurance by sending daily photos of your pet while you are away and alerting you to any problems that may come up. 
  • Paying a service obligates the sitter to visit each day, even when they get a bright and shiny offer to spend time elsewhere. 
  • Although you know and trust your friend or neighbor, they may not be as discerning regarding a person’s character. If they innocently bring along a friend who you don’t know, it could spell disaster. Fetch! pet sitting services have privacy clauses that prohibit sitters from bringing others along with them on their sits. 
  • If something happens to your pet or your home is damaged by the caregiver’s negligence, a good pet service, like Fetch!, has insurance that will reimburse you for the damages. 
  • Many sitters are knowledgeable about pets, in general, as it is their passion enough to sit with pets regularly, and many are trained in Pet first aid in case your pup is injured or gets sick.  

What is the Cost for a Good Dog Sitter?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $25-$35 per visit depending on your specific situation and location. This is actually a great deal when you think of the value of the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pup is well cared for, and considering the recruiting, vetting, scheduling, and training of good sitters. Not to mention the excellent insurance that comes as part of hiring Fetch! 

What about keys?

Fetch! Pet Care Providers use an on-site coded lockbox to store customer keys. So there is no need to leave the key with the sitter. Each sitter is given the code to the lockbox that the customer programs before the sitter’s first visit. They keep the key in the box and it never needs to be off-site. 

What if My Dog Gets Sick While I’m Away?

It is always best to have a plan in place. The person caring for your dog should have your vet’s information, the best way to get a hold of you, as well as the location of the nearest after-hours emergency vet.  Signing up with a pet care service like Fetch! makes it easy with their MyFetch app that can be downloaded to a smartphone. Using an app like MyFetch is a good way to ensure everyone is on the same page and can respond when unforeseen situations arise.

Should the Person I Hire Be Bonded?

Although each Fetch! franchise owner lives in your community and personally recruits and mentors their team to ensure they offer the best pet care possible, all Fetch! Pet Care sitters are bonded & insured, and each must pass a thorough screening process, including a criminal background check. When proper bonding is in place, you will be compensated for losses or damages that occur on your property during the caregiver’s time at your home. 

More Questions About Our Service?

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