Video Of the Week: Furry Focus Group Tells It Like It Is!

You know your pets have a lot to say and we know that your pets have a lot to say, but it’s so nice to see a major retail chain allowing a furry focus group to actually tell it like it is. This video just goes to show that pleasing cats and dogs involves actually listening to cats and dogs! Equal parts hilarious and adorable, this video of the week is one to share with every animal lover you know.

We’re just impressed with how well everyone got along. It can’t be easy to have so many different pets with so many different interests sit down at the table and make sound decisions together. Yet, this group seemed to pull it all off without a hitch. From tasty treats to plush playmates, I’d say that this group really applied their collective voices to what really matters– quality pet products for all!

Ok, I fully admit to holding my breath just a little when I first realized that a feathered friend and a feline furball were in the same room together. But as the meeting progressed, it became clear that these two were too focused on giving much-needed constructive input to really care much about their long-standing beef.

Ah, and the pooches! Well they just ruled the day with how open they were to giving their all to the entire process, didn’t they?

Big Lots hit the proverbial ball out of the park with this commercial and we hope that you will pass it on so that the best Furry Focus Group ever gets every ounce of the attention they deserve.

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