{Video} Watch Out For That Door!

These dogs are so amusing as they get stuck behind an invisible door. The owners have removed the glass or screen from the doors and their dogs act as if the door is still keeping them inside.

I thought about the things that Peyton does that are like those dogs. If I tell him to stay out of the kitchen, he will go right to the very edge of the kitchen tile and never put his paws onto the tile.

Dr. Yin believes that teaching dogs manners is better if you use their natural tendencies along with leading by example to encourage the behaviors that you prefer. “If you can move in ways that make your signals clear, your dog will understand what you want or expect of him, “ she says, “ Overall, you will become more predictable and trustworthy in his eyes.”

Dr. Yin also notes that changing an old dog’s behavior isn’t as much about changing what the old dog does as it is about changing the way the human interacts with the dog, which can be a much more difficult task.

I love the things Peyton does that are so cute and well-mannered. I’m not that thrilled to learn that his behaviors that aren’t so cute are probably because of my habits with him, I guess I better shape up.

What habit does your dog have that is your fault?