Water Loving Lab

This video of a big yellow lab rushing to swim makes me smile. I am not surprised that this lab loves water so much that he will knock down anyone that gets between him and the ocean. It is a lot of fun that his family put a Go-Pro camera on him so that we could go for that frantic run, including the final plunge under the water.

Peyton loves water, too. However, his rush to the water hasn’t been quite as successful as this yellow lab. Peyton will walk into the water until it is over his head and then look at me, through the water, like he just can’t figure out what happened. I am always a little miffed because I end up wet and he still doesn’t know how to swim.  Don’t all dogs know how to swim?

Dr. Marty Becker says, “No”. All dogs don’t know how to swim. Most may know how to “doggie paddle”, and that isn’t enough to keep them afloat for long. There are dogs that just aren’t built for water, especially if they have bigger chests than their back end, and if they have short muzzles.

Dr. Marty suggests that I get a life vest for Peyton and always supervise him. I think that will make a really boring Go-Pro video.