Why Dogs Sniff Each Other & More — This Week on Pets Weekly

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 In this issue of Pets Weekly:

– Why Dogs Sniff Each Other.

– Who Needs Sheep?

– When Taylor Swift’s Parent Cat Sit.

Why Dogs Sniff Each Other

Dr. Lawrence Myers is an associate professor of animal behavior, a veterinary behaviorist, and a veterinarian. His answer to the question is not the answer we are looking for, his answer is, “Nobody really knows the reason, and it seems to be a social recognition. Introductions must be made.”

Dr. Lawerence goes on to share the way that dogs enrich our lives by providing a common interest with other dog lovers, and how that common interest had its benefits.

Who Needs Sheep?

A new dog agility sport is emerging that consists of a soccer net and balls that are lined up on a field. The differently colored balls are “herded” into a net in the order that is asked for by the trainer. This sport, Treibball (also known as driveball), is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon with competitions that are held regularly. Now dogs with a lot of energy and anxiety have a new way to learn to focus and play.

When Taylor Swift’s Parents Cat Sit

Olivia Benson is a much loved family member. And when she goes to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, she is no different than any other grandbaby, they take pictures. Lots of pictures. And they post those pictures to their Instagram account. Since they will be babysitting again soon, we can look forward to more pictures.