Woman Who Asked for the ‘Oldest, Hardest to Adopt Dog’ is Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture definitely tells it all! Sweet Jake had been at the Front Street Animal Shelter for a long time. He was old with cancer and a skin infection — no one wanted him. But Melani came into the shelter and asked for the oldest, hardest dog to adopt. This was Jakes time to shine! In that moment, everything changed for this sweet soul and Jake now has a forever home.


For many dogs like Jake, the outcome is not so happy. Senior dogs are considered the most difficult to rehome thus being the most likely to get euthanized to make room for other animals in need. Many senior dogs are dropped off at shelters because of the expense due to health problems the pet may have developed. This is also the reason they are often passed up at shelters. Thankfully, programs like the Mr. Mo Project are helping place senior dogs in loving foster homes where they can live out their remaining years.

What many people don’t realize about senior dogs is they actually come with a lot of benefits too! Most have already lived in a home and they know how to interact with people and are house-trained. They also can enjoy playtime as much as a puppy and are great snugglers!

Like Melani, if you are looking for a great dog, a loyal companion, and to save a life … consider adopting or fostering a gray muzzled furry friend.

All Image Source: Front Street Animal Shelter/Facebook