6 Insanely Useful and Affordable Pet Care Tips

Affordable pet care tips from Fetch! Pet Care

Affordable pet care tips you can REALLY use!

Looking for affordable care options for the health of your pet? Most pet parents are! From everyday dog and cat owners to foster pet parents, shelter workers and the kind souls who care for feral cats, low-cost affordable pet care solutions are a must-have. In addition to saving money, some of these solutions may entirely eliminate a trip to a veterinarian’s office which, in cases of feral cats, can be a pretty tricky event to pull off.

At Fetch! Pet Care, we want all animals to be able to enjoy life to its fullest, which is why we’re excited to share these useful tips to empower you as pet owners:

Ear Infections

According to PetInsurance.com, ear infections are among the top 10 reasons cats and dogs visit a veterinarian’s office. Some infections can often be avoided through preventative care such as gently cleaning the outer surface of the ear (not the ear canal!) using a cotton ball dipped in a tiny amount of mineral oil just to help avoid the excessive buildup of earwax. Keeping the ears free of debris can also be done by periodically trimming the hairs around an animal’s ears. When Grooming, bathing or after swimming, it is also important to thoroughly dry your pet’s ears each and every time.

Once an infection has already set in your furry friend may experience intense pain, so a visit to the vet is in definitely in order! For cats and dogs with recurring ear infections, it is important to determine what is causing the infection and eliminate its impact. One of the main causes of recurring infections is allergies like those related to food or dust mites. Other causes can include yeast or bacterial infections. Attack the root cause of such infections and you’ll save quite a bit by avoiding future veterinary bills!

Spay and Neuter Your Pets

In some cases, spaying or neutering a cat or dog can be upwards of $100. While you may wonder how this tip made it to our list of affordable pet care solutions, it is because the cost of NOT spaying or neutering can be quite a bit higher. Cats and dogs who are spayed and neutered have lower incidents of cancer and tend to wander off less than those who are not (which can result in injuries due to fights, car accidents, etc.). Spaying and neutering can also reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviors such as cats spraying to mark a territory and aggression in cats and dogs.

In the spirit of helping you find affordable pet care, we suggest doing a little research before selecting a vet to spay or neuter your beloved. Start with your local Humane Society and inquire about low-cost procedures they may be willing to recommend. Your groomer and other local shelters or rescue organizations may also be able to offer recommendations.

Feed With Care

We sometimes think that the most expensive pet food brands are the best for our cats and dogs. This is not true, however. In the same way that you read labels in the grocery store before purchasing food for the rest of your family, carefully study the labels on pet food packages to select the healthiest option. With this approach, you just may find that you’re able to save money and ditch expensive brands that may be damaging your pet’s long-term health.

Avoid foods with a lot of dye as they sometimes contribute to food allergies, which can cause things like itchy skin, ear infections and vomiting. Consider speaking to your vet about affordable recipes that you may be able to prepare yourself. Such may not seem like the most affordable pet care option at first, but after calculating vet bills due to food-related health problems, DIY recipes can be a real money saver!

Keep Vaccinations Current

As previously mentioned, affordable pet care often begins with preventative pet care. One of the best ways to defend your pet’s health is by vaccinating her against illnesses and being diligent about re-vaccinating according to your vet’s recommended schedule. A failure to do so can leave your cat or dog susceptible to a variety of life-threatening illnesses, which can cost a hefty sum to treat after the fact.

Wound Care

Not all wounds require a veterinarian’s attention and some affordable pet care treatments can be performed at home. For example, for minor skin lacerations that don’t require stitches simply clean the surface well and treat with a topical antibiotic. Avoid infection by keeping the area as clean as possible, which means that you may have to cover it or place a cone around your pet’s neck to prevent licking.

Build a Pet Care Library

In addition to bookmarking articles on affordable pet care, invest in books written by veterinarians and other experienced pet healthcare professionals. Having information at your fingertips can help you quickly identify symptoms and determine whether a veterinarian’s care is needed or whether your pet has a condition that can be treated at home. Books like the Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook or the Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook can even teach you how to handle the necessary but sometimes difficult task of safely transporting a hurt, frightened or angry wounded animal to the veterinarian’s office. When time is of the essence or a risk of further injury is present, such a crucial act is not something you want to struggle with on the fly. Being prepared, or at least knowing where to turn when in need, can save your pet immeasurable pain and save you quite a bit of money, too!

Your Affordable Pet Care Tips

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