Best of The Blog: Monthly Roundup

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It’s a few days late, but this is a busy time of year! Regardless, here’s a roundup of our very best blog posts of November 2016 all in one place for you to conveniently check out and love.

1. 9 Of the Best Pets for Families with Kids

best pets for kids, pets, best of the blog

It’s no wonder this was one of our best blog of November. Pets are commonly used to add to a family, to teach kids morals and responsibilities, and also to bring into your home something to love that will love you back.

But it can be tricky knowing and deciding which pets work best with kids, especially small kids. This list will help narrow that down so you can choose the best pet for your family.

2. Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

expensive cat breeds, best of the blog

Yep, you got it. Cats range in price depending on their rarity, coat, size, and uniqueness. But do you know how much they truly cost? The average domestic house cat can be picked up at your local shelter for next to nothing. But the fancy hairless types or the fluffy ones with blue fur can set you back a few thousand dollars. Check out this list of most expensive cat breeds to see for yourself.

3. Quiz: What is Santa bringing your pets this year?

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For funsies! This awesome and quick online quiz will tell you the perfect gift to give your pet this Christmas season. You may already have something picked out, but take this quiz to see if you hit the nail on the head.

4. Top 5 Dog Blogs of 2016 That You Need to Follow

best of the blog, dogs, dog blogs

If you love your poochie or you’re just a dog enthusiast, then this list of awesome dog blogs are what you need in your life. Something for everyone, this list should fill your life with cute dog pictures, videos, and helpful information on specific breeds.

5. 7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

cat pictures, best of the blog, cat twitter accounts

Yeah, you read that correctly. Cats (secretly their owners) have their own cat Twitter accounts and they’re all way too funny. Fill your feed with awesome cat pictures and videos but also discover a community of like-minded cat lovers like yourself.


And there you have it! These are the very best of the blog for Fetch in November of 2016. Follow along with us in December to see what we have to share next!