5 Extraordinarily Cute Cat Breeds

All cat breeds are adorable. This includes breeds like the Lykoi and even hairless breeds like the Sphynx or Peterbald. We love them all and find each to be as cuddly and cute as the next. There are some cat breeds, however, that stop you in your tracks when you see one. These stand out a bit from all the rest and each for its own reasons. The following is an incomplete list of breeds that make our hearts swoon because we just find them to be unbearably cute!

1. Chartreux

Cat Breeds - Chartreux

(Photo Credit: Life on White, Bigstock.com)

Despite a regal French name, the Cat Fanciers’ Association notes that the Chartreux actually originated in ancient Persia. Known for being mild-mannered and highly intelligent, this particular breed forms a very close bond with its owners. It is known for following a beloved human from room to room as it prefers to always be in the presence of its favorite person. This cat’s smiling face also steals hearts and its dense blue coat just makes the breed a magnificent sight to behold!

2. Burmese

Cat breeds - Burmese

(Photo Credit: Seregraff, Bigstock.com)

A silky walnut colored coat and bright amber eyes…how can any true cat-lover resist the allure of a Burmese cat? We know that we can’t! Our pet sitters love all cats, especially those with the pleasant temperament that the Burmese is known for.

3. Bengal

Cat breeds - Bengal

(Photo Credit: Seragraff, Bigstock.com)

The Cat Fanciers’ Association doesn’t officially recognize the Bengal as a breed at this time. Still, we are in love with this cat’s exotic look originally created by mating domestic cat breeds with Asian Leopard Cats. The result is a gorgeous striped or spotted domestic cat that looks a lot like a Bengal tiger. Simply gorgeous!

4. British Shorthair

Cat breeds - British Shorthair

(Photo Credit: Ezio Gutzemberg, Bigstock.com)

Cross a plush teddy bear with a domestic cat and what do you get? A British Shorthair! Ok, ok a stuffed teddy bear isn’t really in this breed’s lineage, but they’re just sooooo cuddly that you almost believed our tall tale, right?

5. Scottish Fold

Cat breeds - Scottish Fold

(Photo Credit: Marina Jay, Bigstock.com)

With small folded ears, the first thing you notice on a Scottish Fold is its sweet round face and large enchanting eyes. Its tiny nose and wee little voice qualifies it as one of the cutest cat breeds ever! Although the breed is just a little over 50 years old, we’re sure that it will remain a favorite among cat fanciers for many, many years to come!

Your Favorite Cat Breeds

Now, of course, there are more than just 5 extraordinarily cute cat breeds. We know this, but in the interest of time we simply can’t cover them all in a single blog post. What we can do, however, is turn things over to you as we ask you to add your top 5 cat breeds in the comments section below. We invite you to also reach out to us on social media with pictures of your favorite breeds using the hashtag #fetchpetcare. So, let’s hear it…which are your favorite breeds and why?