dog safety

To Kiss or Not To Kiss: Should You Let Your Dog Kiss Your Face?

By Fetch! Marketing / 9:59 am

You just punched a long shift at your workplace or ran an errand for five minutes and there is no greater feeling than walking in the door upon your return to that affectionate although slobbery greeting from the four-legged member(s) of your family! Sometimes that greeting includes an ear scratch, leg bump, or a big old kiss in the form of your dogs tongue sweeping across your face! Endearing? Yes. Cute? Yes. Unsanitary? Definitely.

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Simple Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety This Spring

By Fetch! Marketing / 2:55 am

Spring and summer are some of the best times of year to enjoy your pets, but, as the weather gets warmer, there is an increased threat for your pet’s safety that can easily be minimized with just a few simple tips. Follow these precautions to keep this summer a fun and safe time for the…

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Santa Rosa Family Returns to Fire-Ravaged Home

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:30 am

Northern California was burning. It seemed to be covering all of Santa Rosa, and the flames were crawling over the hills quickly. Many families, like the Weavers, didn’t have much time to evacuate. Once Clint and Kathy Weaver realized they were surrounded by wildfires, they grabbed what they could, piled into a car and sped…

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