pet anxiety

Audible for Dogs: Audiobooks Now Available to Calm Our Furry Friends!

By Fetch! Marketing / 10:55 am

Unless you have a job that you can work at from at home, you are retired or you have relatives willing to babysit your pooch every day, chances are there are times it is unavoidable you have to leave your furry friend to fend for themselves in the home. Dogs have an unmatched loyalty and…

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While You Were Out

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:21 pm

It’s sad to think the pets that bring us so much happiness could ever feel blue. However, Veterinarian clinics report that approximately 14% of dogs seen are suspected to suffer from separation anxiety. Since canines are naturally social animals, it’s no surprise that many develop increased attachment behavior to their human family members. The onset of these problems often…

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