How to Help Your Pet Deal With Separation Anxiety

By Fetch! Marketing / 10:28 pm

Separation anxiety is an affliction that many pet owners may not even know their pet has. Separation anxiety affects more pets than you might think. Symptoms of Separation Anxiety If your pet exhibits any or all of the following symptoms, he may be suffering from separation anxiety: howling or barking, excessive biting or chewing, increased…

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These Five Podcasts Will Make You A Better Pet Parent

By Fetch! Marketing / 4:53 pm

We love a good podcast. Podcasts are hands down one of our favorite ways to consume media about pets and pet ownership here at Fetch! Pet Care. You can listen to your favorite shows on the road, while you’re at work, and the best part — they allow you the flexibility to listen on your…

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A New Twist On the Fox and the Hound

By Fetch! Marketing / 3:56 pm

Move over Disney, there’s a real life fox and the hound story that’s taking the Internet by storm! Meet Juniper, a one year-old domesticated fox with an Instagram page that will make your entire day. Not only is Juniper the cutest, fluffiest thing you’ll ever see, but her relationship with her best friend, an Australian…

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What to Do When You Love Pets But Can’t Have One

By Fetch! Marketing / 3:52 pm

If “No Pets Allowed” are the three most dreaded words in your life, you need to read what we’re about to share with you. People who love pets, but aren’t allowed to have one find a no pet policy to be a deal breaker when renting apartments, visiting hotels or even forming new relationships! We…

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5 Ways Your Pet Makes You Heart Healthy

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:04 pm

We all love our pets, but did you know that your pet is actually improving your health? The companionship of your favorite pet helps you feel loved and adored, giving your body a break from everyday stressors. Pets also give us a sense of purpose and belonging, two very important things for overall physical and mental…

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Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:53 pm

As we near the hottest days of the summer months our pets need more and more assistance in staying cool. On these sweltering days our pets are faced with a variety of problems: sunburn, dehydration, and overheating are just a few. Of all pets, dogs are especially susceptible to the heat. Here are a few…

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