Cute Kitten Vs. Pit Bull

Cute Kitten Vs. Pit Bull in the Fetch! Pet Care Video Of the Week

(Photo Credit: Sonsedskaya,

What happens when a cute kitten squares off with a pit bull? Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? I mean, who would imagine that such a little fuzzy baby would even stand a chance? Well, prepare yourself for the shock of a lifetime as this cute kitten not only holds her own in the matchup with a pit bull, but she actually prevails!

Not what you expected, right? Turns out this cute kitten is more than just a pretty face (and waggly tail), but this little cuddly baby also has some serious courage! Did you see how she just walks up and smacks her opponent like she’s a 300-pound lioness?!

And how sweet is the pit bull for playing along with this cute kitten? Or was he truly playing? When he rolled over in submission at the :09 mark, did he have a bit of an epiphany? Perhaps the pit bull realized that anyone with that level of heart and fearlessness wasn’t to be taken lightly!

We just love seeing animals at play like this and just had to select this one as our video of the week. It’s not often that you get to see such an uneven, but absolutely adorable matchup. Don’t you agree?

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Did This Cute Kitten Steal Your Heart?

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