Top 5 DIY Dog Toys and Treats

Regardless of your skill level, anyone can make DIY dog toys and treats. Inexpensive and engineered for joy, we promise that your pooch is going to love your handmade gifts! To help you get started, Fetch! Pet Care has curated a nice list of easy projects you can start today. Using simple household products and ingredients, here are some of the best DIY dog toys and treats around:

1. Find the Treat Game

DIY Dog Toys and Treats - Find the Treat Game

Found on: Yes Missy,

Many thanks to @yesmissy for one of the simplest DIY dog toys ever!

2. Toss Ball DIY Dog Toys

DIY Dog Toys and Treats - Toss Ball

Found on: All Free Crafts,

Rope, tennis balls and a few minutes of your time are all it will take to create one of the simplest DIY dog toys on this list. Hours of fetching enjoyment are the result of this cool step-by-step tutorial!

3. Treat Ball

DIY Dog Toys and Treats - Treat Ball

Found on: Instructables,

Whether you use store-bought treats or your own DIY dog treats, this project combines two of your dog’s favorite things: food and fun.

4. Braided Ribbon Ball

DIY Dog Toys and Treats - Braided Ribbon Ball

Found on: SheKnows,

We have to thank Eileen Chow of yet again as the DIY tug toy she spotlighted is going to be one of your pup’s favorite DIY dog toys ever!

5. Stuffed Rope

DIY Dog Toys and Treats - Stuffed Rope

Collage by: Heidi,

A knotted ball of rope and a few treats are all it takes to keep your dog happily hunting for every kibble and bit he can find!

What Are You Waiting For?

There, you have it…a short and oh-so-simple list of DIY dog toys and treats that your dog is going to adore! Whether you have zero experience with do-it-yourself projects or are an all-out DIY expert, you have to admit that these tutorials and recipes are absolutely golden. So, dive right in and have some fun creating fun for your furever bud!

Your DIY Dog Toys and Treats?

We’re handing things over to you now as we want to hear all about your favorite DIY dog toys and treats. Leave us a comment with instructions and don’t forget to pass this list around to your fellow DIYers and dog lovers, too! For more pet tips and fun projects, be sure to subscribe to our Loyalty Club newsletter. And, of course, if you need a sitter to entertain your BFF with your DIY Dog toys, find one near you right now!