Dog Home Alone? This Can Happen!

Dog home alone? The Fetch! Pet Care video of the week shows you the hilarious mess that might be waiting for you!

(Photo Credit: chalabala,

Is your dog home alone? If so, what you’re about to see can totally be happening at your house right now! Prepare yourself for a good chuckle, press play and enjoy!

Not only is the dog home alone and causing a little ruckus, but it looks like a couple of cats witnessed this mess, too! Thought your pets were bored little angels when you’re away? Ha!

Notice how cooly our star, Fritz, saunters into the kitchen to assess the situation while his kitty pal watches from the sidelines. Then, as though he’s judged the exact velocity needed, this adventurous pooch takes a running start and fearlessly leaps! Knowing that a cat-tastrophy is in the making (and one she may be blamed for), the very smart cat jets off in the other direction as Fritz crash-lands on the countertop. With debris now spread everywhere, we see another cat appear on the scene to assess the damages–but wait–Fritz takes a second leap onto the counter because…why not?!

Seems his leap of the week was just a means to an end, though. What’s in the sink that has Fritz so curious? Whatever it is, we hope it was worth the trouble he got in when his owners got home! Thank goodness these kind folks videotaped their dog home alone. Not only do we have a sweet video of the week to make us chuckle, but the kitties won’t be scolded as accomplices since the tape proves that this was all on Fritz and ONLY Fritz!

If there were ever a dog who needed a sitter, it’s this guy!

Your “Dog Home Alone” Stories

What’s your best dog home alone story? Have it on video? Tell us about it or send us the footage and you may be featured in a future video of the week!

And, remember, if you don’t want a mess when you return from work or vacation, don’t leave your dog home alone! Call a Fetch! Pet Care sitter so your little fluffballs won’t follow in Fritz’s pawsteps!