5 Secrets Your Dog Walker Doesn’t Want You to Know

Fetch! Pet Care Spills the Beans on Dog Walker Secrets!

(Photo Credit: Grisha Bruev, Bigstock.com)

Your dog walker has been keeping secrets from you! Don’t panic, none of these items are too serious and your pooch is perfectly fine. We just thought it is time for you to know exactly what they’ve been hiding!

Little Known Dog Walker Secrets Revealed

1. They’d Do it For Free

The person who walks your dog has bills to pay and so they charge you money for walks, dog sitting, etc. But the truth of the matter is that, if they didn’t have to earn a living, they’d totally walk your dog for free! See, dog walking isn’t one of those things that most people do just to turn a quick buck, but dog walkers are serious animal lovers who are lucky enough to be paid for their passion.

2. Your Dog Doesn’t Miss You (Much)

We know, you hate that you can’t spend all of the hours that you’d like to walking your dog. And while you are at work agonizing over these missed opportunities–and would like to believe your dog misses you just as much–your pooch is having a great time without you! Kind soul that your dog’s walker is, she’ll never tell you this, but your dog quite enjoys his walks…even without you.

3. Dog Walking Doesn’t Feel Like Work

This goes back to #1 on this list…your dog walker loves this job so much that it doesn’t even feel like a job most of the time. What your dog’s walker also telling you is that they’ve probably encountered a few people who’ve questioned their career choice believing that it just seems too good to be true!

4. A Good Dog Walker is Insurable and Can Pass a Background Check

We said that none of the secrets being kept from you are too serious, but, on second thought, this is critical. If you are not using a Fetch! Pet Care dog walker, this can be a major issue! While all of our walkers and sitters undergo criminal background checks and are all insured by our company, not all service providers are. Has your walker’s background been checked? What insurance covers the unlikely event of an accident? We expose this secret to you so that you can ask questions and, hopefully, get the answers you deserve!

5. Your Dog Walker Misses Your Dog

When you have to cancel a walk or when your furry friend goes on vacation with the family, your dog’s walker actually misses your pooch! She may pretend that everything is fine when you call to say her services aren’t needed for the day, but inside the person who spends this special time with your pup feels a twinge of disappointment. See, she’s formed a bit of a bond with your pet and was actually looking forward to the walk as much as your dog was!

Now, that you’ve had an inside look at the secret world of a dog walker, you should feel pretty good about the quality care that your pet is receiving. If you have questions about these secrets, don’t be shy about asking your dog’s walker to elaborate on them. We’re sure she’ll probably be a bit relieved to have someone she can come clean with and who delights in the love that she feels for your pet! And, of course, if you don’t have a walker who feels this way about your furever pal, by all means give Fetch! Pet Care a call and one of our experienced staff people will match you with a great dog walker right away!

Your Turn

Are you a dog walker? How accurate are these secrets? Which ones did we miss? Let’s keep the conversation going online under the #WoofWoofWednesday hash tag–we’ll be looking for your comments there! And if you want to become a dog walker with Fetch! Pet Care, then we invite you to give us a call today as there’s always room for you to join our team!