Dogs Afraid of Cats?

Why are some dogs afraid of cats?

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Are dogs afraid of cats? We know, we know…cats are small, cuddly creatures known to steer clear of dogs or at least give them the right-of-way. And, unless they’re raised together, we don’t really even expect dogs and cats to get along, right? Well, before you answer the question of dogs being afraid of cats, you may want to take a peek at our latest video of the week:

Turns everything you thought you knew about cats and dogs upside down, right? Are these dogs afraid of cats? You betcha they are!

We feel bad for these guys and hope they get their courage up real soon. Still, we can’t help but laugh at each one who just can’t muster the boldness to saunter past a lone fluffy kitty! What a hilarious twist of events where dogs–both small and large–are actually the scaredy cats here! As each one tries to muster the courage to pass, we learn that a cat standing his ground is enough to make a dog stand down. In most cases, the cats didn’t even have to meow a word for these pups to get the memo that passing is a no-go!

Other Dogs Afraid of Cats

Some of us are already familiar with dogs being intimidated by cats. I recall once watching the resident cat at my veterinarian’s office send a fully grown and curious Mastiff whimpering back to his corner of the waiting room with a single, but very light, swipe to the nose. And my cousin-in-law has a pit bull who suffers from a cat phobia. Poor thing…the littlest guys in the neighborhood completely freak him out when he encounters them during walks!

Are your dogs afraid of cats? Do you know dogs like the ones in the video? How do you think such harmless looking cats gained the respect (or fear) of their canine housemates? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and stories in the comment well below.