Foster Dogs Love Kirk Cousins!

Foster dogs love Kirk Cousins!

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Keith Allison)

Foster dogs love a certain NFL quarterback and we’re pretty fond of him, too! Kirk Cousins isn’t being celebrated today because of his skills on the football field. Rather, we take great pleasure in spotlighting this world-class athlete and his hard-working wife for their compassionate hearts. See, Julie and Kirk Cousins regularly foster dogs until these precious pets can be placed in furever homes!

Kirk Cousins’ Backstory With Foster Dogs

We believe that Kirk Cousins opens his home to foster dogs purely for love’s sake. In just sticking to the facts, though, we are impressed with how this gentle giant started his career as a foster parent. It was actually Kirk’s lovely wife, Julie, who upped his hero game and began bringing foster dogs into their family home.

Currently a schoolteacher, Julie Cousins began fostering dogs while still in undergrad at the University of Georgia. By the time the couple met and fell in love, Julie had decided that foster dogs would be a part of her life pretty much always. When Julie and Kirk Cousins tied the knot, the two shared a mutual understanding that they’d continue fostering despite their busy career schedules.

Love Never Takes a Day Off

And speaking of busy schedules, we applaud the Cousins for keeping their commitment to dogs in need even during the NFL’s game season. The couple who married in June of 2014 have managed to open their home and hearts to 7 foster dogs since that time! We even found evidence of Kirk Cousins performing loving pet care duties on his off days like the bath he’s shown prepping for in this tweet:

Pawsome Foster Parents

Julie and Kirk Cousins prefer to take in foster dogs that don’t shed. We don’t know whether this is because some classify them as hypoallergenic or not, but we do know that they routinely accept dogs from two shelters– Doodle Rescue and Friends of Homeless animals– both who are happy to keep them busy fostering one dog at a time.

The Cousins also keep a photo album on display at their home featuring all of the dogs they’ve fostered to date. They even stay in touch with each family who adopts one of their fosters, which is so super sweet of them! We are sure that the dogs appreciate having furever homes and we’re also certain that Redskin fans who adopt these foster dogs also appreciate remaining in contact with the star quarterback who treated them so well!

Kirk Cousins has a long career in the NFL ahead of him. We’re sure that the couple will permanently adopt a pet once their schedule slows down, though. For now, Julie and Kirk maintain that they prefer to foster dogs simply because they don’t have to make the long-term commitment of pet ownership just yet. We applaud them for doing all that they can now and for showing others that fostering can work even with the busiest of lifestyles if you’re willing to make the commitment!

Do You Want to Foster Dogs?

If you’re inspired by Julie and Kirk Cousins and would also like to foster dogs, please contact the ASPCA or Petfinder to be connected to dogs in need in your area. Be sure to also subscribe to our newsletter for unique insights into pet care that will support you on your fostering journey. And always remember that Fetch! Pet Care is available to sit with all pets, including foster dogs, whenever and wherever we’re needed!