Skateboarding Cat Amazes the Internet

The Fetch! Pet Care video of the week features a skateboarding cat!

(Photo Credit: FikMik,

A real live skateboarding cat has achieved Internet celebrity fame! Get ready to share the latest Fetch! Pet Care video of the week with everyone who loves cats (and even a few naysayers who still believe that a cat can’t be trained). Now, press play and watch the amazing GoPro footage of Didga the incredible skateboarding cat!

We don’t have to ask if you’ve ever seen anything like this in your life, because we know that you have not! (In case we’re wrong, though, please link to other skateboarding cat videos in the comments section below.) We’ve featured a skateboarding dog or two before, but never anything quite like this! Didga is just amaze-balls!

Let’s just start with the fact that this pretty little feline is at a skateboarding park, shall we? I mean, how many cats do you know who are willing to travel to a place so foreign? Or travel anywhere at all! Notice how calmly she strolls along the course before mounting her board. Her peaceful public demeanor, alone, is quite the accomplishment for any cat, don’t you agree?

Didga’s skills are nothing short of amazing, either. At the :23 second mark, it is clear that she not only knows how to roll with all the swag of a champion skater, but she even uses her own body weight to shift her course at will. Surely, this is the most athletic cat alive!

Where’d This Skateboarding Cat Come From?

While video of Didga’s skateboarding tricks have garnered millions of hits online, we think that the most precious part of her story is that she was once a shelter cat! Who knows what the world would have missed out on had she not been adopted by her current owner and cat behaviorist, Robert Dollwet? Let this be a testimony to all of the gifts and joys of pet adoption!

If you want to learn more about Didga, watch her do even more amazing tricks or even learn how to teach your cat a few cool skills, visit the CATMANTOO YouTube channel now.

Your Turn to Share

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