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Dog with a harness and leash on a walk

Why Choose Fetch! Pet Care in Birmingham

By David Battino / 9:34 am

At Fetch! Pet Care, we know that leaving your pet in the hands of someone else isn’t easy. That’s why we guarantee the most professional and trusted pet-sitting and dog-walking service in Birmingham. Our team of highly-trained pet sitters and dog walkers is dedicated to providing the most loving and reliable in-home pet care to…

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Person with cat and dog

Why Choose Fetch! Pet Care in North Arlington

By David Battino / 9:27 am

At Fetch! Pet Care in North Arlington, our experienced pet sitters offer professional and loving care for your furry family members. Our team is highly trained and experienced with dog walking and pet sitting services, and we guarantee your pet’s satisfaction. We offer a custom solution tailored to your pet’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.…

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Why Choose Fetch Pet Care?

By David Battino / 7:14 pm

No matter how much you love them, taking care of your pet can be a lot of work. That’s why Fetch Pet Care is here to help! As the premier local pet service for pet owners, we understand how important your furry friends are to you and your family. As a result, we always strive…

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7 Reasons to Walk Your Dog

By Fetch! Marketing / 1:33 pm

When your plugged-in, constantly-on-the-go lifestyle has you on the fritz, it feels impossible to take your dog out for a leisurely stroll. According to a recent study, 33 percent of pet parents rarely walk their pups. Only half pound the pavement with them each day. While it’s not always possible to walk your dog for…

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How to Handle Dog Walking in Bad Weather

By Fetch! Marketing / 2:51 pm

When the weather is right, dog walking is probably the best part of your day, right? But what about when it’s too hot, too cold, raining or snowing? If you’re anything like a lot of pet owners, you probably prefer skipping the walk altogether on such days! As a loving pet parent, though, you know…

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What to Do with Your Dog When You’re Going To Be Away

By Fetch! Marketing / 12:31 pm

One of the common problems dog owners face is determining what to do with their dog when they’re going to be away from home. The right answer depends on the type of dog and how long you’re going to be gone. Let’s look at what you should do with your dog when you’re going to…

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Meet Robyn Greene: Owner of Fetch! Pet Care of Marin and Sonoma County

By Fetch! Marketing / 10:56 am

Fetch! is more than just your go-to neighborhood dog walking & pet sitting service. We are a community of genuine, compassionate and kind-hearted folk who downright love our pets. In a new series here on the blog at Fetch! Pet Care, we interview the franchise owners who make fetch happen each and every day. In this…

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Julie’s Story: A Day In the Life of a Fetch! Pet Care Dog Walker

By Fetch! Marketing / 3:28 pm

Some of the best things about dog walking are spoiling other people’s dogs, working outside, getting regular exercise, and having a flexible schedule. Over the past 4+ years I have walked over forty-one dogs, cared for fifteen cats, and looked after one hedgehog. I have the pleasure of working in Alexandria, Virginia where I get…

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We want to know! How many times a day do you walk your dog?

By Fetch! Marketing / 1:03 pm

How many times a day do you walk your dog? 1 2 3 4+ Other Please Specify: make quizzes

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A Sitter’s Tale: Why working for Fetch! Pet Care is the best job I’ve ever had.

By Fetch! Marketing / 5:44 pm

Before I decided that I wanted to be a dog walker and pet sitter for Fetch! Pet Care, I worked for an insurance startup for nearly ten years. It paid the bills, but I was unhappy. I would spend anywhere between eight to twelve hours a day seated in my cubicle, under fluorescent lighting… I…

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