How to play with your cat

By Fetch! Marketing / 1:55 pm

Cats need play like all pets. As a pet parent, you can provide a variety of outlets for play either by playing interactive games or providing suitable toys for your cat to play with alone or with another pet. Playing with your cat regularly will help you learn about your pet’s personality and deepen your…

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Top 10 Halloween Pet Costume Picks

By Fetch! Marketing / 12:32 pm

The National Retail Federation estimates spending on Halloween to reach $29 billion in 2019 and over 29 million Americans plan to purchase a pet costume so everyone in the family can join in the fun!  Here is the Fetch! Pet Care round up of favorite pet costumes: Teddy Bear Dog Costume Your dog will look…

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Dog-Friendly Day Trips for the Summer Months

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:03 pm

When deciding on a day trip with your dog, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s still summer, so keeping your dog cool and hydrated is still priority number one. There are many summer activities that you may not think of as completely dog-friendly, but are likely in your local area. Most dogs love…

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Puckerman’s Snow Day

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:55 pm

Meet Puckerman! The star of our latest video. With a name like Puckerman you know this pup has to have a great personality, but after watching this video: A Dog’s Snow Day you’ll have no doubt! On a snowy Boston day, Puckerman’s family put his coat on him and then strapped on a GoPro camera to…

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