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{Video Compilation} Holiday Pet “Fails” of 2016

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:40 pm

These holiday pet “fails” are sure to make you laugh out loud all in good holiday spirit. This video is brought to you by Fetch! Pet Care: Professional dog walking and pet sitting services nation-wide. To find a provider near you visit Happy holidays!

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Dogs Afraid of Cats?

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:57 am

Are dogs afraid of cats? We know, we know…cats are small, cuddly creatures known to steer clear of dogs or at least give them the right-of-way. And, unless they’re raised together, we don’t really even expect dogs and cats to get along, right? Well, before you answer the question of dogs being afraid of cats,…

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Cat and Dog BFFs

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:00 am

Our latest Fetch! Pet Care video of the week brings you a cat and dog duo who are best friends for life! We are pleased to introduce you to Lilo the Husky and her adopted kitten, Rosie. Watch them enjoy a little bonding time and then hurry back to read more about their love and…

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