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Best of The Blog: Monthly Roundup

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:18 am

It’s a few days late, but this is a busy time of year! Regardless, here’s a roundup of our very best blog posts of November 2016 all in one place for you to conveniently check out and love. 1. 9 Of the Best Pets for Families with Kids It’s no wonder this was one of…

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Red Solo Cups and Baby Bulldogs [Video]

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:41 pm

Baby bulldogs — what would be cuter? These tiny puppies can be no older than a few weeks and they are clearly playing with red solo cups. I guess that means they are very smart dogs! So what would it be like to have a baby bulldog in the family? I did a little research…

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Adorable Moment Dog Tries To Teach Baby How To Jump

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:24 pm

What’s cuter than a dog teaching his baby a new skill? We all love it when the family is so close. This dog is teaching his baby how to use the jump up. When you bring your baby home it is time to start the bonding process. Instead of waiting until your baby is sleeping to give your dog…

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