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Three Benefits Dogs Get from Chewing

By Fetch! Marketing / 2:31 pm

Dogs have a reputation for chewing on anything they can get ahold of in a house. It is mainly puppies and younger dogs who chew on things because they are cutting teeth. However, older dogs do it as well. Chewing is important for dogs for several reasons, including the three below. Keeps Teeth Healthy It’s…

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Audible for Dogs: Audiobooks Now Available to Calm Our Furry Friends!

By Fetch! Marketing / 10:55 am

Unless you have a job that you can work at from at home, you are retired or you have relatives willing to babysit your pooch every day, chances are there are times it is unavoidable you have to leave your furry friend to fend for themselves in the home. Dogs have an unmatched loyalty and…

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Need a break? Try these five creative warm weather KONG fillings to pacify your pup

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:49 pm

Our dogs LOVE their KONGs, and we pet owners love them too, as this bouncy, hollow chew toy / vessel-of-awesomeness is a life savor if you have an active dog or is an energetic puppy. What is a KONG? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the KONG or Kong Company, KONG Company is…

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Top 5 Dog Blogs of 2016 That You Need to Follow

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:20 am

  Dogs are the best pets, aren’t they? Dog lovers everywhere are always seeking out sources of information about their beloved animals and try to find like-minded people who have helpful, and sometimes fun, things to share through dog blogs and other sites. So if you own a pooch, check out these top 5 dog…

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Popular Twitter Accounts You should Follow by Dog Breed

By Fetch! Marketing / 5:13 am

  Twitter is full of accounts related to pets and pet owners. Some are good, some are…not so good. But if you’re a major dog lover and would love to fill your feed with adorable dog pictures, then these are 8 popular Twitter accounts you should follow by dog breed. Check them out and see…

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5 Tips to keep your pet busy while you’re at work

By Fetch! Marketing / 6:09 pm

Every pet parent knows the guilt of leaving their pet home alone all day while they go off to work.  At Fetch! Pet Care, we believe that even in your absence your pet can still have a great day!  Whether it’s wrestling with a Kong for their food, finding a hidden treat or going for…

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