Why Do Dogs Lick?

By HomeOffice / 11:54 pm

Dogs lick our faces, themselves, other things, our hands, the air… But do we really know why dogs lick? Our team at Fetch! Pet Care set out on a mission to find out. Whether you love the affection of a dog’s lick or prefer snuggling with them on the couch, most dog owners know what…

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Vacationing? What to do with Fido.

By HomeOffice / 2:42 pm

Traveling soon? If it isn’t feasible for your furry friend to accompany you on your vacation, you may want to plan a stay-cation for them.  In-home dog sitting has become a superb option with many reliable pet sitting services sprouting up all over the country. Here are some ideas to consider. Why Hire a Professional Sitter…

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Three Benefits Dogs Get from Chewing

By Fetch! Marketing / 2:31 pm

Dogs have a reputation for chewing on anything they can get ahold of in a house. It is mainly puppies and younger dogs who chew on things because they are cutting teeth. However, older dogs do it as well. Chewing is important for dogs for several reasons, including the three below. Keeps Teeth Healthy It’s…

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These Five Podcasts Will Make You A Better Pet Parent

By Fetch! Marketing / 4:53 pm

We love a good podcast. Podcasts are hands down one of our favorite ways to consume media about pets and pet ownership here at Fetch! Pet Care. You can listen to your favorite shows on the road, while you’re at work, and the best part — they allow you the flexibility to listen on your…

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A Dog’s Bedtime Prayer

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:49 pm

Now I lay me down to sleep, the king sized bed is soft and deep. I sleep right in the center groove, so my human beings can hardly move. I’ve trapped their legs, they’re tucked in tight, and here is where I’ll pass the night. No one disturbs me or dares intrude, till morning comes…

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Best of The Blog: Monthly Roundup

By Fetch! Marketing / 7:18 am

It’s a few days late, but this is a busy time of year! Regardless, here’s a roundup of our very best blog posts of November 2016 all in one place for you to conveniently check out and love. 1. 9 Of the Best Pets for Families with Kids It’s no wonder this was one of…

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Puckerman’s Snow Day

By Fetch! Marketing / 11:55 pm

Meet Puckerman! The star of our latest video. With a name like Puckerman you know this pup has to have a great personality, but after watching this video: A Dog’s Snow Day you’ll have no doubt! On a snowy Boston day, Puckerman’s family put his coat on him and then strapped on a GoPro camera to…

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